I completed my education and training in California, my Bachelor of Health Science and Masters in Physical Therapy are from Loma Linda University. After graduation I gained diverse experience whilst working in various practices from 2001-08. Coming back home I wanted to create a boutique practice of my own. I launched Therapeia in May 2008."

My career in the US
“In California I worked at several specialist clinics including US Healthworks, Concentra and the Inland Center Medical Group. My work focused on post-operative care and rehabilitation for people with pain and movement problems brought about by their work. Partnering with surgeons and doctors we helped clients get back to a full life.

My most profound learning experience was working with children.

In my early career I worked with kids who had neurological and musculoskeletal disorders. The work on posture and movement I do now is heavily influenced by what I discovered here. I’m fascinated by the way our bodies develop and how knowledge of this process can be applied to people of all ages.”


“I always wanted to help people. When it came to choosing a profession, physiotherapy was a very hands-on way to aid people through overcoming a problem. I also wanted a job with plenty of interaction; this was the field for me.”