What is Posture Therapy?
We help you change the way you stand and move. What ever your goal we’re here to apply our physiotherapy know-how to your body and help you adjust your posture.

You may want to change your posture for aesthetic reasons. Or, you could be looking to improve your sporting performance. Posture Therapy is also an important part of injury rehabilitation. In many cases injuries are caused by wrong movement dynamics, this can be corrected by adjusting your posture.

Changing your posture seems daunting. Many of us have lived for years with rounded shoulders, out of line hips or curved spines. We make do. Sometimes we don’t notice how our bodies have changed over time. There’s good news. Your posture can be changed. If you work on the cause of your posture habits you can see changes within a few weeks and create a new habit within three months.

Helping you achieve your goals

Changing the way you look and feel
We all know how much the way we look affects our moods. Upright and with shoulders back we feel confident, in control and ready for our day. Changing your posture will change how you see yourself and how others see you. Confident, certain and at ease, you can begin to show the world what you are inside. Your posture can be improved. If you work on the cause of your posture habits you can see a difference within a few weeks.

Good posture makes for less injury
Injuries often happen as a result of posture habits. As well as working to overcome your injuries, you can understand why you became injured and how to prevent it happening again. With better posture you reduce the chances of having to give up your favourite activities and reduce your future medical bills.

Less pain and more freedom of movement
Good posture isn’t just about looks. The body functions well when it’s aligned. Poor posture often comes with pain and restrictions in your movements. When you discover the cause you can begin to work on making a change. Gradual, do-able changes in your posture habits and lifestyle will move you towards a higher quality day-to-day life.

Helping you improve your sporting performance
When sport is an important part of our life, remaining injury free becomes vital. During recovery from an injury your posture can change and cause long term problems. Working with the body immediately, you can heal more quickly and avoid ongoing weaknesses. Maintaining a good posture can also help lessen the chances of injury.

What’s involved
We believe in making do-able changes. Discussing how you live your life, what you need and what works, we support you in making change happen.

When you first visit us, our physiotherapist Yi Lin, MPT, will assess how you move and stand. From looking at your muscles and joints she can establish what causes you to have the posture you have. The next important step is talking about what you want to change, your goals.

Treatments can begin in your first session. We use techniques such as dynamic neuromuscular stabilisation, active isolated stretching, myofascial release, therapeutic exercise and movement re-education. The process of changing your posture may involve releasing tight muscles and joints, but most importantly it involves retraining your brain for better movement patterns. Together we can give you the support you need to make a change. Yi Lin will show you how to continue the work yourself, using simple exercises that you can do at home.

Call us on 6734 2177 or email us to make an appointment for your posture assessment.

“Whatever your goal we’re here to apply our physiotherapy know-how to your body and help you adjust your posture.”